Board of Directors:

​Jerry Lyda- President, CEO

​Jay Lyda- Vice President, Chief Operations Officer

Alfred McClendon- Treasury

​Tonya Bonitatibus- Secretary

​Dr. Patrick Lillard


Jerry Lyda           

     Jerry is the co-founder of Veterans K9 Solutions, Inc.  Jerry started training dogs at an early age. He trained his first dog at the age of 12. Jerry had always been brought up on the dog’s ability to use their nose and intrigued with their ability and desire to want to please. This ability of the dogs is what got Jerry’s motor running and after returning home from serving in the US Navy during Vietnam, he again started working with dogs.  Jerry has many titles from AKC obedience and at the AKC National GSD Specialty show in Perry Ga, Jerry with the help of his partners and members also ran the CSRA Working Dog Club as the training director and president.  As well as running a sport dog club Jerry was also a board of director and Judge for the original American Protection and Patrol Dog Association. He also is a board member for the Augusta German Shepherd Dog Club through the American Kennel Club. Jerry is an American kennel Club evaluator for the Canine Good Citizen program.  Jerry now has Rogue, which is Jerry’s certified service dog pass with a 97.5%. Rogue is the poster boy of service dogs. Jerry’s father-in-law was deployed to Vietnam on two different deployments. He came back with PTSD. Because of this and his ability to train dogs and with his love for our veterans is what makes Veterans K9 Solutions, Inc.  Jerry says that it does not matter what the dog has as a job, it all stems from obedience. Training through positive motivation, makes it all fun for the dog and handler. This in turn makes for a better bond and trust.

Certificates and titles:

     American Kennel Club , CGC (Canine Good Citizen), CD title - 1St Place three times, National Team  Obedience title - 1st place. Herding Certificate - HIC
     Schutzhund Titles: Sch1, Highest score Sch2.
     American Street Ring titles: ASR-EL, ASR-1
     American Protection Patrol Dog Association: Perfect score in obedience, in the Entry Level & ASR-1
     Dogs Playing for Life, Certificate of completion from Animal Farm Foundation INC.Type your paragraph here.

Jay Lyda

​     Jay is the co-owner of Southern K9 Solutions and co-founder and vice president of Veterans K9 Solutions Inc.  He has an important ability in training; knowing how to read a dog.  With having this skill Jay can train any dog. Jay is an experienced obedience instructor and a certified trial and training decoy.  He has decoyed in trials, seminars, and has been the training decoy for numerous dogs who have competed and passed in ASR and APPDA , as well as decoying and training patrol and protection dogs.  Jay owns and has trained his German Shepherd Dog named Ichilles and has titled him in APPDA and to date has the highest score in PPD1.  Along with Ichilles Jay owns two Dutch Shepherds named Meisha and Chief that are trained in personal protection.  Jay was the head decoy and vice president for the CSRA Working Dog Club as well as holding the title of one the board of directors for the original American Protection and Patrol Dog Association.  Jay Bird as we call him understands the importance of dedication and clear communication.  With these two elements he has brought together many service dog teams.  Getting inside the dogs head and relaying this info to the handler is not something everyone has the talent for, this is what makes Jay such an asset to Veterans K9 Solutions. What Jay has learned through experience can not be taught in any school.

Certificates and Titles:  American Street Ring and American Protection Patrol Dog Association: Former Head Decoy and Obedience trainer. ASR-EL, ASR-1, APPDA-EL , Highest score PPD-1

William McClure

     William (Bill) has been involved in dog training since 1982.  The first dog that he did any formal training with was a mixed breed family pet that he just wanted it to have good obedience.  Then one day he saw his instructor working with his dog for the sport of Schutzhund and was immediately hooked.  Bill got his first German  Shepherd  from the instructor and started in the sport in 1983.  Bill has shown and competed with his dogs in club, regional, national, international events. He has trained seven dogs to the level of Schutzhund  3 and six of them later achieved  advance tracking titles.  He’s also entered his dogs in the American Kennel Club obedience arena and attained many titles.  In 2007 with a dog that he bred, qualified to participate in the German Shepherd World Championship.  In 2011 with the same dog he won the GSDCA-WDA FH National Championship (advance tracking) dogs playing for Life certificate of completion.  Over the years he has served as training director for the local schutzhund club, and countless  individual handler/trainers.  Presently he is the head trainer for Veterans K9 Solution.

Al Wood

     Master Trainer Al Wood is a Vietnam Veteran (1969-1970) with 40 years of dog training experience. Al was with the Vestal Police Department in New York where he was a Police Dog Handler/Trainer. He has also trained and certified DEA Narcotic Dogs for the 15th Judicial District of Middle Tennessee. Al is the owner of ThunderHawk K-9 Training.  Al is now Senior Master Trainer for Veterans K9 Solutions INC.

His National Certifications include:
Master Trainer – 1200 hours at West Virginia Canine College
North American Police Working Dog Association
National Narcotics Detector Dog Association

Al is Certified to train dogs for:
Problem solving
All levels of obedience
Patrol Dog
Search and Rescue
Scent Detection: Tracking, evidence, building and area searching, narcotics, bomb, arson, and cadaver.
Personal and Home Protection