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History of VK9S 

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  Veterans K9 Solutions is the brainchild of  founders Jerry Lyda, Master Dog Trainer, and his son Jay Lyda, Master Dog Trainer.  Back in 2011, standing in Jay’s workshop, Jerry and Jay received an email asking them to board dogs to be trained as service dogs.  Jay said, “Dad we can do that ourselves and train them when we train our dogs with Southern K9 Solutions”; their dog obedience training business.  Jerry agreed by saying “that’s the same thing I was thinking” and after some discussion they decided to make the service dog training a not-for-profit business, and so Veterans K9 Solutions was born.  They decided to make Veterans K9 Solutions, Incorporated as a 501(c) (3) non-profit, volunteer run organization, providing free Service Dog training to disabled veterans.  The idea was to have an organization bringing canines and veterans together with one simple goal-rehabilitate a canine to rehabilitate a veteran.  Today there are more and more veterans in need of help from emotional to physical disabilities.  There are more than hundreds of dogs in shelters waiting and hoping for the chance to be rescued.  The unique concept of Veterans K9 Solutions, Inc is by saving a shelter dog you can save a veteran.  Saving a shelter dog and rehabilitating them provides them with a purpose, gives life back to them, and enables them to provide an emotional and physical bond with the veteran in need.  Jerry and Jay’s love for dogs and gratitude towards those whom served makes Veterans K9 Solutions goal simple:

“Giving back to those in need by saving two lives at a time.”