VK9S is honored to be recognized in this book as a tool that helped A.J. in her journey to a recovery.  This is a story of coping with MST/PTSD and the unique service dog that brought her courage, healing, and hope.  This book is dedicated to all of her fellow men and women who are battling from the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Military Sexual Trauma and to shedding the shame, stigma and pain that accompanies their daily fight towards the healing.  

​Our Promise

Mission Statement

Founders : Jerry Lyda/Jay Lyda


​VK9S Acknowledgments

​​Veterans K9 Solutions, Inc. is an organization bringing canine and veterans together with the simple goal; rehabilitate a canine to rehabilitate a veteran.  Today, there are more and more veterans in need of help from emotional to physical disabilities.  These veterans can range from any age and can be of any gender. Additionally, there are more than hundreds of dogs in shelters waiting and hoping for the chance to be rescued.  The unique concept of Veterans K9 Solutions, Inc. is by saving a shelter dog you can save a veteran.  Saving a shelter dog and rehabilitating them provides them with a purpose, gives life back to them and enables them to provide an emotional and physical bond with the veteran in need.  Our love for dogs and gratitude towards those whom served makes our goal simple;
"Giving back to those in need by saving two lives at a time".