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Veterans K9 Solutions Inc Testimonials


Randy Wilson [Dog's Name: Shane]
"Veterans K9 Solutions training my Service Dog, Shane, has saved my life. Just recently, Shane kept trying to get someone's attention to tell them that I was not alright; when my Doctor asked if I was OK, I was not. They wound up needing to admit me to the ward. I'm feeling a bit better and praise God I am still in the good fight for life. Thank you Jerry and your son, Jay, for helping Shane and I."

William Lee Mosley in Grovetown, GA [Dog's Name: Benji]
"I have to kinda get into my personal life right now but I hope it helps veterans suffering from PTSD and any other issues they are going through. I am going through some real issues right know. I have some anniversary dates coming up and I'm having a hard time with these. These are major triggers for me. Also, I have had to make some medication changes due to the fact that my diabetes is getting worse and some of the medications do not help with this problem. I have severe PTSD and some other mental issues that are hitting me and my family hard! My nightmares, flashbacks, panic attacks, and extreme fear had been coming back like a monster. My doctor at the VA has been doing everything in her power to help me get this under control! Just to let everybody know, I was first deployed in October of 2001 and was gone a full year and then had to turn around and deploy again in 2003 for another year. I have been back since February of 2004. I have been battling this for over ten years now. I have suffered and so has my family. I wear a bracelet with the suicide hotline on it everyday and everywhere I go. I'm writing this because veterans that are going through the same thing can get help. You just need to know you need it and be willing to accept it. There are people out there that can help. My doctors are doing the best they can, but my hat's off to Jerry Lyda and his group of people that have created Veterans K9 Solutions, Inc. He is very modest but he and his group save my life everyday with my device dog. He helped me find Benji and save his life from a high-kill shelter and, in turn, Benji saves my life every day. It's not just having a dog to help you cope in public - it's having him to help me get through the day. He doesn't judge me and I can talk to him about things I won't even tell my doctor. Jerry, you have saved my life and my family and I will never be able to repay you. Thank you and I promise to keep working hard and spreading the word for our veterans. Please inbox me or send me a message through facebook if you would like to talk more about this program or get more info. I'm having a tough time but I have my Benji, my family, and God and I know that if I loose one, my support system breaks completely down and that would be a really bad thing. Also, if you just need to talk to another veteran inbox me. Thanks Jerry! I love you brother!!"

Robert Davenport [Dog's Name: Hunter]
"I have learned a lot about myself and my dog since I have been training with Veterans K9 Solutions. Without their help and knowledge, I would be lost. My dog and I have become a special team through this program. Thank you!"

Danny Williams [Dog's Name: Cullen]
"Veterans K9 Solutions, Inc. has been a great help to me in training my Service Dog. Since coming to VK9S and being involved in the training, my blood pressure has been lower and it has also helped with my PTSD treatments by lowering my anxiety."

Carolyn Cuyler [Dog's Name: Rambo]
"Veterans K9 Solutions has assisted myself and Rambo to become a team. Because of that effort, I am more confident about attending/visiting public places and being around strangers. I have also felt a difference in my depression as far as fewer episodes and shorter in duration. I have to tend to Rambo and, because of this, I must get up every morning... I have motivation to keep going. Thank you Veterans K9 Solutions, it has been a real pleasure."

Karen Dammon [Dog's Name: Meggi]
"I can not thank Jerry Lyda and Jay Lyda enough for helping me. Our search to find the perfect match for me was a long one, but Jerry stuck beside me and never gave up on me. My condition that has had the biggest effect on my life is a little different from most others in the program. I have a condition that causes me to have low blood pressure and sudden drops in blood pressure, of course leading to feeling lightheaded and usually fainting. I needed a dog that would assist my balance and act as a brace when I am feeling faint. Meggi and I clicked since day one and over the past few months, our bond has grown incredibly, more than any of us expected. She has become so in tuned with me that she has actually started alerting me when my blood pressure is getting low, oftentimes preventing me from even getting lightheaded. Meggi has saved me from enduring any more head traumas and stitches all over my face. It has been a LONG time since I've felt confident enough to go out alone with my kids or even be home with my kids without my husband being home too. Meggi has also helped a great deal with my anxiety. She knows when I'm getting overwhelmed or worked up and she lays her head in my lap or nudges me to pet her and take my attention away from whatever is making me anxious. Veterans K9 Solutions, Inc. goes above and beyond in training the HANDLER to train their own dog. Everyone at Veterans K9 Solutions have such big hearts for saving these shelter dogs and giving Veterans a chance to feel at least a little normalcy. Really a great group of people!!"

William Mosley [Dog's Name: Benji]
"I suffer from severe PTSD and some other mental and physical issues. Jerry and Veterans K9 Solutions have saved my life. I have been through every treatment the VA had to offer and I was still suffering - My family was suffering too. I wouldn't be alive today and my wife and kids would be without a husband and father. Through therapy, medication, and having my Service Dog, I am able to manage my life and be who I need to be. I still suffer, but I have Benji, thanks to Jerry and they save my life each and every day. Having a Service Dog is the best therapy out there so I recommend it to everyone who is suffering."

Paul Hamrick [Dog's Name: Blue]
"My experience with VK9S has been great. I have learned so much about training my dog. I wish everyone could take this class for their dog. Having a Service Dog has helped me so much with my PTSD as far as getting out with my dog so I can talk with people I wouldn't have before. This is, hands down, the best class for my dog and for any other dog"

Tracy Sycks [Dog's Name: Sapphire]
"Everyone is very welcoming and nice. They make you feel safe and at home from the very first day. From day one they start working with you and make sure you have everything you need. I would recommend them to anyone looking to train their dog especially veterans looking for Service Dog training"

Loretta Adams [Dog's Name: Riley]
"Prior to working with Jerry and the team at Veterans K9 Solutions, Inc., I was unable to go out in crowded places during normal business hours. The few times I got enough nerve to do something fun with my friends, I would end up having severe panic attacks that I could not recover from and would end up in the hospital. Since working with the VK9S team I can now go places alone (me and my dog - no human escort) and although I may still have panic attacks and other PTSD issues, having Riley next to me makes a world of difference. Not only have I been able to see the progress he makes but I have been able to look back at the progress that I have made. I can not thank Jerry Lyda and the VK9S team enough for giving me my life back. "

Angel Covey-Couch [Dog's Name: Buster]
"Many other Service Dog trainers turned us down because Buster is a Basset Hound. I was told that he was not the right type of breed. Everything changed for us when we met Jerry and his volunteers. They helped us in trained Buster. Buster is a PTSD Service Dog. My quality of life has improved. Buster can tell when I'm in trouble. Plus, during walks in the park, Buster will "sit" when there's something that I might fall over (I use a cane and sometimes a walker). This disabled veteran is very thankful to Jerry! I can't thank them enough."

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