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Veterans K9 Solutions Inc Shelter Dog Success Stories

Another Happy Tail! Meet Marc, an Army veteran who bravely served in two tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Marc has been living with PTSD and TBI for nearly ten years; leaving him anxious, on edge, with night terrors, and avoiding large crowds. He contacted Veterans K9 Solutions, Inc. to seek help in reclaiming his life. After talking with Marc for only a short time, it was obvious, he just HAD to meet Jake! Jake spent the first half of his life on the streets and in the woods, fending for himself and in rough shape. Very unsure and distrusting of humans, the only way to save this poor boy was to trap him. In December of 2014, after wandering up onto someone's back deck looking for food, he was finally able to be closed in and transported to the vet. Jake was covered head to toe in fleas and ticks and had an abscessed laceration on his ear. Once he was all parched up and cleaned up, he settled in to what no one expected to be his 'home' for over a year. Jake was very unsure of himself, unsure of people, as well as other dogs. It didn't take long for him to gain some confidence, but, through no fault of his own, no one wanted to adopt this sweet dog. So, less than 24-hours after our brief conversation, Marc was at the Humane Society of McCormick County having a blast with Jake, a beautiful, sweet, and extremely intelligent Pit Bull. Sitting in the play yard, playing fetch, running around the agility tunnel and jumps, it was clear in both of their eyes that it was love at first sight for these two. The wonderful volunteers of the McCormick Humane Society decided that they wanted to pay Jake's adoption fees as a way to say 'thank you.' Marc is so very grateful and says that Jake has been loving all over him and already insisting that all of Marc's attention be focused on him, which is what Marc needed and wanted!

Meet Luci

Meet Jet! After a very successful adoption day at animal control, Jet was still without a home, yet he was such a great, loving, smart dog. Hayley Francis Zielinski saw something in him and rushed back to the shelter and adopted him before he was put down. Today, Jet is a very busy man with a schedule full of events. Jet has done amazing with his Service Dog training with Veterans K9 Solutions, Inc. and will be placed with a Veteran in about a month to assist with PTSD. Achieving our mission, one dog at a time.

Benji was saved from one of our local shelters, Augusta Animal Services, and sponsored by our friend and fellow rescuer, Brenda Huffman. When we were asked to find suitable candidate for a local Veteran, Hayley Zielinski just knew this was the perfect dog for him. She was right, and today, they are totally inseparable. Benji is excelling in all aspects of his training and passing all tests with flying colors. We can't tell you how touching it is to see these two together, what a bond between human and dog... Veterans K9 Solutions, Inc., Dog Networking Agents of Georgia, and Ruff Rescues, Inc. all work closely together to help find suitable shelter dogs for our local Veterans. Their dogs and their training are free of charge to all Veterans that qualify. Stay tuned to see many more like Benji working within our community.


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